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2018/03/24 16:04
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Dongguan Xutian Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 and is an ODM company dedicated to computer peripheral products. Its main products focus on PC peripheral products such as desktop computer wired keyboard, wired mouse, wireless keyboard and mouse, and wireless headset. For the past ten years, Xu Tian Electronics has integrated industrial chains and established one-stop vertically integrated manufacturing systems for mold engineering, injection molding, stamping, and OEM system assembly. In order to establish a competitive advantage for the company, Xutian Electronics has introduced the Toyota lean production model for the industry and obtained the strictest BSCL management system certification from the EU and the US.

The cost advantage of manufacturing vertical integration and the management of the best ODM create a cost-effective product and service that has won recognition from well-known domestic and foreign companies. Xutian Electronics has a customer base at home and abroad, such as Lite-On Group, Founder Technology, Haier, Shenzhou Computer, Great Wall, and German Targa.

Xutian Electronic's monthly keyboard and mouse production capacity reaches 1.6 million and more than 500,000. In the future, the company's development strategy, in terms of products, will continue to research and develop high value-added products to enhance the product's functional quality and texture. In terms of marketing, it will continuously increase the proportion of high-value-added products and expand the scale of operations in overseas markets. Looking forward to the future, we will rely on years of accumulated core technology and excellent management team to strengthen our product R&D and market layout, continue to withdraw from competitive products to pursue excellence, share interests with customers, and create better operating results.

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